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spinemonitor: Neck & Back Pain eNewsletter from August 27, 2008
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This edition of spinemonitor features two original cases.  First, Richard G. Fessler, MD, PhD presents cervical degenerative disease — with myelopathy?  You decide.  Vincent Traynelis, MD discusses Dr. Fessler’s case.  Next, Timothy R. Kuklo, MD, JD presents severe back and leg pain with quadricep weakness in a mature woman.  Jason M. Highsmith, MD provides commentary.

Featured Case Study - I
Cervical DDD with Myelopathy?
Photo: Richard G. Fessler, MD, PhD Case Author:
Richard G. Fessler, MD, PhD
Professor of Neurological Surgery
Northwestern University
Chicago, IL

The patient is a 67-year-old male who presented with neck pain and mild radiation into...

The patient's neurological examination showed 5/5 strength, normal sensation, some slight difficulty with tandem gait, and normal reflexes. His Babinski response was...

Cervical degenerative disc disease with...

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Cervical DDD with Myelopathy

Fig. 1 - Disc space collapse, disc bulging
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How Would You Treat this Patient?
Featured Case Study - II
Increasing Back and Leg Pain, Quadricep Weakness
Timothy R. Kuklo, MD, JD Case Author:
Timothy R. Kuklo, MD, JD
Associate Professor
Orthopaedic Surgery and Neurological Surgery
Washington University School of Medicine
St. Louis, MO

The patient is a 60-year-old female with a 4-year history of increasing back pain and severe leg pain (50% back pain, 50% leg pain) with bilateral quadricep weakness...

She demonstrates good coronal and sagittal balance. Forward flexion is limited to 30-degrees secondary to pain. She experiences difficulty...

Flexion/extension radiographs demonstrate...Read Complete Case, Vote for Treatment, and View Outcome

Increasing Back and Leg Pain, Quadricep Weakness

Fig. 1 -Degenerative changes
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How Would You Treat this Patient?
Featured CME Opportunity - November 8-9, 2008
1st International Cadaveric Course on Emerging Techniques and Technologies in Spine Surgery

November 8-9, 2008
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Cadaveric Labs Include:

  • Posterior cervical strategies
  • Cervical and lumbar arthroplasty
  • Interspinous spacers and pre-sacral approaches to L5-S1 
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Michael G. Fehlings, MD, PhD
Jeffrey C. Wang, MD

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