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spinemonitor: Neck & Back Pain eNewsletter from October 11, 2007
Surgical Case Study
Part 1: Reactive Scoliosis

The patient is a 13-year-old male who feels mid-thoracic pain. An active junior high student who enjoys playing basketball, 7 months ago he woke up with back pain. Since then, the pain has continued, growing progressively worse. The pain is present at all times, becoming worse with activities. He believes physical therapy has worsened his pain, but can obtain some relief with ibuprofen. This patient previously was diagnosed with ADHD and has no known drug allergies. His older brother has a herniated nucleus pulposus.

The physical exam reveled no bladder or bladder dysfunction, no weakness, and no fever, chills, or night sweats. He was alert and oriented, demonstrated a normal gait pattern, and appeared well nourished and well developed for his age....Read More

Reactive Scoliosis 13-Year Old Male

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Reactive scoliosis in a
13-year old male

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Photo: Jason M. Highsmith, MD Neurosurgeon Case Author:
Amir A Mehbod, MD
Orthopaedic Surgeon Staff Surgeon,
Twin Cities Spine Center Clinical Instructor,
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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17th Annual Dr Tom Lowe Spine Symposium: The Surgical Management of Spinal Disorders
17th Annual Tom Lowe Symposium

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January 10-13, 2008
The Pines Lodge
Beaver Creek, Colorado USA

The 17th Annual Surgical Management of Spinal Disorders honors Thomas G Lowe, MD's commitment to the training and education of spine surgeons.

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This advanced course is for orthopaedic and neurological surgeons, fellows and residents who include spine surgery in their practices.

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D.W. Cahill Spine Symposium
Last Issue's Case:
Part 2: Pseudofusion Dilemma

Lateral Plain Film Showing Lack of Bone Growth at Both Disc Spaces
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Lateral plain film showing lack of bone growth at both disc spaces

In the last issue of spinemonitor, we introduced a case from Dr Jason Highsmith with commentary from Dr Praveen V. Mummaneni. To see the voting outcome, click here.

In this issue, we bring you another case for you to review. Be sure to vote for the condition you feel is best represented by the case and check back in the next issue!

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Practice Management
How to Market Your Medical Practice
Marcy Rogers, MEd by Marcy Rogers, MEd
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San Diego, CA
If you are seriously considering marketing your practice, the following information will clarify and answer questions you may have and show you how to get started.

1) Why should you market your practice?
There are many reasons why you may want to consider marketing your practice. Some examples are:

  • Gaining market share Increasing revenue
  • Building patient volume to add new physician(s)
  • Changing patient mix... Read More

2) What is the difference between “good marketing” and “advertising”?
There is a major misconception in the medical industry today that “marketing” is “advertising”. There are subtle, tactful ways in which you can use “good marketing” techniques within your practice to market yourself and your services... Read More

Tips for Considering Joining a Group Practice

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