Are Dietary Supplements Effective for Back Pain?
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Confusion About Spinal Fusion

Confusion About Spinal Fusion

By Choll W. Kim, MD, PhD
Question: “I have back pain going down my legs. My spine surgeon told me I need a fusion. I have never had back surgery before, and I hear bad things about fusions. Why is my doctor recommending a fusion? I am confused and scared…”
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Causes of Abnormal Spinal Kyphosis

Causes of Abnormal Spinal Kyphosis

By Jason M. Highsmith, MD
Kyphosis can refer to the normal curvature of the spine. However, this information is about what can cause abnormal kyphosis, which may lead to hunchback or slouching posture.
Are Dietary Supplements Effective for Back Pain?

Are Dietary Supplements Effective for Back Pain?

By Amy Hess-Fischl, MS, RD, LDN, BC-ADM, CDE
Question: If a product is advertised as being effective for a particular reason, such as treating back pain, how do I know if it’s true?
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