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spineadvisor: Neck & Back Pain eNewsletter from April 28, 2010
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Neck Pain and Headaches
Treating Cervicogenic Headaches
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I hurt my neck in a car accident about a year ago. Nothing was fractured, but I did get a bulging disc in my neck as a result. My pain began only in my neck at first, but I soon started getting bad headaches at the back of my head and toward the top. Sometimes, the pain moves behind my eyes, too. These headaches have been occurring regularly since my accident. Why am I still in pain, and what can I do to relieve my headaches?

—New Bern, NC

Ask the Experts Answer

I'm sorry to hear about your pain. It sounds like you have cervicogenic headaches, which are caused by referred neck pain. Referred pain is pain that moves away from where it originates. In your case, the pain source is in your neck, and the pain radiates to the back of your head, into one or both temples, and one or both of your eyes.

Cervicogenic headaches are sometimes misdiagnosed as either…

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Lawrence M. Kamhi, MD This Week's Expert
Lawrence M. Kamhi, MD
Interventional Pain Management
Spine and Pain Management
New York, NY
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