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spineadvisor: Neck & Back Pain eNewsletter from January 13, 2010
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How Do You Treat Drop Foot?
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My mother has nerve compression in her low back, which has resulted in foot drop of her right foot. What other options does she have besides surgery?

—West Wendover, NV

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To help our readers who aren't familiar with drop foot, this is a nerve and muscular disorder that prevents the patient from lifting the front of his or her foot. A person with drop foot will notice a change in their gait, and patients may also experience pain and/or numbness.

Nerve compression can lead to drop foot, and that nerve compression is typically caused by a herniated disc in your low back.

Now, you might wonder how nerve compression in your low back affects the nerves in your legs. The reason is that…

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Jason M. Highsmith, MD This Week's Expert
Jason M. Highsmith, MD
Charleston Brain and Spine
Charleston, SC
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Happy New Year from SpineUniverse
Make 2010 the Year of No Back Pain
Make 2010 the Year of No Back PainIt’s a new year and a new decade—so embrace your clean slate and make this your best year yet.

We all want to pick up healthy habits around this time of year. You may want to lose a few pounds so you'll look great when summer rolls around. But eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise isn't just good for your figure—it promotes the health of your spine, too. Less weight means less pressure on your back.

Make this year the year to end back and neck pain for good. And if you need some help getting started, the articles below will give you simple tips and ideas on how to make 2010 a happy and pain-free year.

Resolution 1: Get Active
Back Pain Exercises and Stretches

Exercise can be a scary word—but it shouldn't be. This year, make it a point to change the way you think about exercise. It doesn't have to be painful—and you don't need to spend hours slaving away in a gym.

Give these exercises and stretches a try. Doing them regularly could make a big dent in your back pain.

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Resolution 2: Resist Restaurant Temptations
Dining Out: Making Better Choices
Dining Out: Making Better Choices

Dining out is a fantastic way to treat yourself—but learn how to do so sensibly. Restaurant meals pack a lot of calories and fat, and this article will help you navigate your way through some of the most common types of menus, including Italian and Mexican.

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Resolution 3: Keep Your Motivation
Staying on Track

For many of us, we're so eager to make healthy changes around the new year. But will you stay as enthused about these changes a month from now?

To keep your long-term goals from becoming just temporary plans, you need to keep your motivation. Check out this article for tried-and-true ways to keep your spirits high all year long.

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Crosstrees Medical 

To Patients with Back Pain: Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Performance of the Crosstrees System in Reducing Pain and Decreasing the Risk of Cement Leakage in Vertebral Compression Fractures

The Crosstrees™ System uses a fabric Pod to control the delivery of bone cement to fractured vertebral bodies.  This study is being performed to evaluate the Crosstrees System performance in reducing pain and decreasing the risk of cement leakage associated with vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty.

To learn more about this clinical trial, click here.

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