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spineadvisor: Neck & Back Pain eNewsletter from September 24, 2008
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Did my surgeon mess up?
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How can I know if I have pseudoarthrosis (failed fusion)?
I had a fusion at L4-S1 21 months ago with considerable improvement after 6 months and very little change since.  Is something wrong?
—Litchfield, CT

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No, it sounds like you had a very successful surgery
and fusion!

It usually takes six to nine months for your bones to fuse after spinal fusion surgery. In the months following your surgery, you probably had follow-up appointments with your surgeon to check on your progress. During those apointments, he or she most likely had x-rays or CT scans done.

By looking at those x-rays and/or CT scans, your surgeon would know that your bones hadn't fused if...

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Nicola V. Hawkinson, RN, ANP This Week's Expert
Nicola V. Hawkinson, RN, RNFA, NP
Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
NYU - Hospital for Joint Diseases
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