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spineadvisor: Neck & Back Pain eNewsletter from August 27, 2008
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What to do for scar tissue in my back?
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I just finished reading the answer concerning rhizotomy and am left with another question.  If this procedure "cooks" the nerves to gain pain relief, would it be a viable option for patients with arachnoiditis? And if not, is there a treatment for this horrific condition?
—Nashville, TN

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Thanks for your question about arachnoiditis, which is a very painful condition that affects your spinal nerve roots.  In my previous answer on radiofrequency rhizotomy, I did say that it “cooks” the nerves.  However, RF is used to treat joint pain, and arachnoiditis is a problem inside the spinal canal.  That area and the nerves in the spinal canal can’t be treated with...

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John J. Fitzgerald, MD This Week's Expert:
John J. Fitzgerald, MD
Pain Management Specialist
Center for Pain Management
Indianapolis, IN
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