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spineadvisor: Neck & Back Pain eNewsletter from July 9, 2008
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Back Pain After Surgery—What Can I Do?
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A few years ago, I had a spinal fusion from L4 to S1.  Unfortunately, I still have unbearable pain, and I’m considering a spinal cord stimulator.  Do you think that’s a good option for me since surgery didn’t work?  Can I have one put in, even if I have hardware (screws and rods) from the fusion?
—Brooklyn, NY

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Persistent pain following lumbar fusion is referred to as either Post Laminectomy Syndrome (PLS) or Failed Back Syndrome (FBS), and I know how disappointing it is for patients to still have pain after surgery.  In evaluating whether spinal cord stimulation is appropriate for an FBS patient, I look at a couple of factors:

  1. What was the original diagnosis and reason for surgery?
  2. Is there epidural scar tissue or arachnoiditis?
  3. How much leg pain does the patient have—pain that travels from the back and into the leg?
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Photo: Edward J. Kowlowitz, MD This Week's Expert:
Edward J. Kowlowitz, MD
Medical Director
Center for Pain Management Indianapolis, IN
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