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spineadvisor: Neck & Back Pain eNewsletter from March 12, 2008
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Help—It Hurts to Walk!
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I have spinal stenosis. Sometimes the pain is worse when I walk uphill or climb stairs. I can’t even walk far due to the pain, which makes me feel out of shape. Granted, I’m not as fit and trim as when I played college football 20 years ago, but shouldn’t I be able to walk without pain? Why does the pain increase when I walk uphill, and what can I do to help relieve my back and leg pain?
—Fountain Valley, CA
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Spinal stenosis is a condition commonly associated with growing older. However, in your case, it may be those years of college football that put extra wear and tear on your spine and perhaps caused your back to age faster than the rest of you.

is a Greek word meaning "narrowing," so spinal stenosis is when the areas around your spinal cord and nerves become constricted for various reasons (I’ll explain those soon).  Your spinal cord and nerve roots can then be pinched or squeezed as they pass through the narrowed...
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Nicola V. Hawkinson, RN, ANP This Week's Expert:
Nicola V. Hawkinson, RN, ANP
Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
NYU—Hospital for Joint Diseases
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