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spineadvisor: Neck & Back Pain eNewsletter from February 13, 2008
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Spine Acts its Age with Spondylosis
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For the last year or two I've noticed that I have increasing neck pain. I went to the doctor last week and learned that I’m in the early stages of cervical spondylosis. I'm approaching retirement, and I'm wondering how this condition will affect me. Will it progress quickly? Can I do anything to slow it down? I enjoy tennis and golf, but will I need to stop playing?
— Melbourne, FL
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Spondylosis, also known as spinal arthritis, is a “side effect” of aging that most people don’t know about.  It basically means degeneration of the spine.  After years of carrying the weight of your body, absorbing shock from movement, and dealing with the demands of daily life, your spine can start to show signs of wear and tear.  This completely normal aging process is spondylosis.

Is there an "anti-aging process" you can try to stop this spinal degeneration?  Not really, but you can try...
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Timothy R. Kuklo, MD, JD This Week's Expert:
Timothy R. Kuklo, MD, JD
Associate Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery and Neurological Surgery
Washington University School of Medicine
St. Louis, MO
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Back and Neck Pain Relief
Survey Results: Over-the-Counter Pain Medications Don’t Work for Back Pain

In a survey that revealed real patient satisfaction with the most common treatment options for back pain, SpineUniverse found that over 70% of patients were dissatisfied with over-the-counter pain medications.

Read what else SpineUniverse discovered, including if spine surgery really provides satisfactory results.

Survey Results: What Really Gets Rid of Back Pain

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Sex and Back Pain Survey

SEX: What’s Back Pain Got to Do with It?

What does back pain do to your sex life?  (That’s right, sex. The taboo topic.)

Take our short survey—we’re not asking for all the details of your sex life.  We just want to know if and how back pain affects sex.  (And isn’t it fun to talk about something taboo?)

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Back Pain
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Tips to Avoid Neck Pain

You’re probably sitting at a computer right now.  Do a quick self-check:  Are you hunched over?  Sticking your neck out to get closer to the screen?  Nodding your head too much as you try to see through your bifocals?

Yes, you are?  Then you've got to read how to prevent neck and shoulder pain during a hard day’s work...Read More

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Spine Care Tips
Treatments for Lumbar Herniated Disc

If you have a herniated disc, there are several things you can try to take care of your back and the pain.  At home, you can use heat to relax the muscles—that can bring relief from acute pain. 

Read what else to try, plus a few easy prevention tips you need to know...
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Treatment for Lumbar Herniated Discs
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